Monday, July 11, 2011

New App Updates, Enhanced Security, Random Captures & MORE!

There's a term in software development known as "feature creep".  Developers twitch at a mere mention of the phrase.  It's just too easy to continuously think of more things the app could do.  It's a lot like the guest list for a wedding - "If we invite Mike and Katie, then we HAVE to invite Susan, Frank, Bobby, Raul, Janet, Vincenzo...".
With Peerdrum, we try to avoid this slippery slope and focus on improving its core features.  One of which is the Peerdrum Client, (the thing that tracks your time and uploads your screenshots).  Following multiple requests, the new Peerdrum Client version 0.2.4 has been given the following new muscles to flex:

  • Random Screenshots: Previous versions delivered timed screenshots every ten minutes, now screenshots are taken randomly, (6 per hour)
  • Session View: Previously, the Peerdrum Client Time Display featured total time-only.  Version 0.2.4 features a new Session View option to allow the user to toggle between total time and current session time, (time since their last check-in).
  • Enhanced Security: Massive security reinforcements have been implemented
  • Automated Application Updates: Once version 0.2.4 is installed, the end user no longer will need to manually download updated versions of the client

If you haven't yet updated, you can do so by downloading the app via your Peerdrum profile page.  

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